Many commentators are suggesting that after the defeat Covid we’re going to embark on a period of artistic expression as we make the most of our new-found freedoms. The 2020’s they say, will mirror the 1920’s when experimentation in music and architecture was ignited when WW1 ended in November 1918. I wonder if this decade’s artistic output is going to be as popular 100 years from now as the 1920’s is today?


Last weekend saw the band playing at a 1920’s themed wedding at the Ye Old Bell Tavern in Nottinghamshire – at the same time a Gatsby themed party was going on in another room in the same hotel. Guests danced the Charleston in flapper dresses whilst onlookers adorned with braces and Peaky Blinders hats drank prohibition era cocktails. A great night was had by all. Here’s a clip of the band playing In The Mood .


The next day we were at Lindley Manor Hotel in Huddersfield. You could imagine Gatsby himself strolling through the Art Deco bar sipping Highball.