After a frankly awful 2020 Frankly Jazz are really looking forward to providing some destination wedding music in 2021. For UK couples getting married overseas choosing local suppliers is often difficult.  So that’s why we often get asked to up sticks and go perform in continental Europe. Language can be a problem for UK couples but more often than not choice leads people to look closer to home. Because what is available in UK sometimes just isn’t in Europe. Over the years Frankly Jazz have played at a number of overseas weddings. We’ve been to Italy, France, Spain and Croatia. 2021 will see the big band head back to Italy for a Tuscan Villa wedding just outside Florence. As well as to the South of France for a wedding in Rhone Alps near Grenoble.

Lets hope that the scientists can do us muso’s one last favour and sort this damn virus and let FJ provide the perfect destination wedding music once again..